Mrs. THUCH Sithan

The witness was born on 2 January 1965 and currently resides in Paris. She worked in the Ministry of Social Affairs under Ieng Tirith. She distributed medicine because she could read French.

When she worked at the ministry, several of her superiors under Ieng Tirith disappeared and did not come back. At meetings they were told they had to smash the enemy. The witness’s marriage took place in September 1976 at the Ministry. Three couples were married at the same time. Bong Sou acted as the parents during the ceremony. She did not know her husband well before they were instructed to get married. She asked to confirm that he was not married in France. She had to force herself to marry him because in fact she was in love with his secretary, who she knew better and thought was better looking.

None of her family attended the marriage. She became pregnant within six months. Her husband disappeared three months later. She saw Nuon Chea speak at a meeting, and met with Khieu Samphan.

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