Ms. KHEAV Neab (KHIEV Neab)

The Civil Party was born in 1952. She married her first husband, who worked in the cooperative, in 1973 and had two children with him.

In 1974 he was sent to the battlefield and afterwards worked in Central Market in Phnom Penh. He wasn’t a cadre but he was a group leader. She was sent to cook rice for evacuees, which Khieu Samphan distributed. Her husband disappeared in 1978 when he was 25 years old, and she never saw him again. She had to leave Phnom Penh while she was pregnant when her husband disappeared; she gave birth to her baby when she returned in 1979. The CP also had several uncles who disappeared too. She saw Khieu Samphan when he was handing out blue-white karmas to evacuees from the east.

Eventually she was allowed to cook rice at the place where her husband was being held, so her son was able to see him although she wasn’t.

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