Ms.SO Soung

SO Soung'sCivil Party application rejected by the Trial Chamber. The Trial Chamber found that the photograph from the Tuol Sleng archives submitted by So Soung does not provide an attestation of the identity of Meas Sun and that So Soung did not provide proof of any dependency or special bonds of affection toward her brother-in-law.  

The summary of this Civil Party's testimony is included for the purpose of providing information on what was actually said in the Courtroom during the trial. The inclusion of this summary does not imply that the Trial Chamber accepted the testimony as facts related to the Accused. So Soung filed a Civil Party application on the basis of the disappearance of her brother-in-law Meas Sun on 28 November 1978 and his death at S-21. As a Civil Party, she also wanted to represent her sister, who was unable to participate as a Civil Party herself due to illness. So Soung was brought up by her elder sister and her brother-in-law since the age of seven, and thus considered both as her parents.

During her testimony, So Soung described the hopeless situation she and her sisterís family have faced due to the absence of her brother-in-law. In addition to psychological suffering, the family has struggled with poverty and her nieces and nephews have been deprived of an education.

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