Witnses 2-TCW-920 was with the Issarak movement during the 1950s and joined the Khmer Rouge around 1966. He was assigned to work for Ruos Nhim and Nuon Chea as a messenger between Phnom Penh and Battambang. Ruos Nhim appointed him to deliver messages to Nuon Chea. He confirmed that both leaders trusted him also during Democratic Kampuchea. He became a party member.

When asked about Ta Hoeun, he said he was removed by Ruos Nhim later on. Ruos Nhim mistrusted Ta Hoeun. He did not know where Ta Hoeun was sent to. He said also Ta Chham disappeared, and that in 1975 Ta Ngon died as he rose to a divisional commander.

When asked about Ruos Nhim arrest by the Southwest, he said it was “because Ruos Nhim joined hands with the yuon.”

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