ECCC Managements Welcome the Visit of Timor-Leste’s g7+ Intergovernmental Organization

The managements of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) on 28 February 2024 welcomed the visit of a delegation of Timor-Leste’s g7+, an intergovernmental organization made up of conflict-affected countries, to the ECCC premises. The Timor-Leste’s g7+ delegations are Mr. Felix Piedade, Chief Operating Officer, and Mr. Agostinho Travares, Policy Analyst. During the meeting, H.E. Tony Kranh, Acting Director of Administration, Mr. Knut Rosandhaug, Deputy Director of the Office of Administration, and H.E. Thaung Socheat, Senior Management Officer of the ECCC briefed delegations about the ECCC’s achievements, legacies, and works related during a residual phase.


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