Misconduct of lawyer

<p>ECCC Internal Rule 38 provides for warnings and sanctions for misconduct of a lawyer.</p><p><strong>Rule 38. Misconduct of a Lawyer</strong></p><ol><li>&nbsp;The Co-Investigating Judges or the Chambers may, after a warning, impose sanctions against or refuse audience to a lawyer if, in their opinion, his or her conduct is considered offensive or abusive, obstructs the proceedings, amounts to abuse of process, or is otherwise contrary to Article 21(3) of the Agreement.&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;</li><li>The Co-Investigating Judges or the Chambers may also refer such misconduct to the appropriate professional body.&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;</li><li>Any foreign lawyer practising before the ECCC who is subject to disciplinary action by the BAKC may appeal to the Pre-Trial Chamber within 15 (fifteen) days of receiving notification of the decision of the BAKC. Such appeal shall suspend enforcement of the decision unless the Pre- Trial Chamber decides otherwise. The decision of the Pre-Trial Chamber shall not be subject to appeal.&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;</li><li>Where, as a result of any such disciplinary action, a person is struck off the list of lawyers approved to appear before the ECCC, the lawyer shall transmit all related material to the appropriate unit within the Office of Administration, so that it may ensure continuity of representation.</li></ol>