Meas Muth


Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Po Village, Srae Khnong Commune, Chhuk District in Kampot Province,
Arrested Date
Defence counsel
Mr. Ang Udom (Cambodia) and Mr. Michael Karnavas (USA)
Position in Democratic Kampuchea

Alleged Central Committee Member, General Staff Deputy Secretary, Division 164 (including the navy) Secretary and Kampong Som Autonomous Sector Secretary.

Status of case

Meas Muth was initially charged in absentia on 3 March 2015. On 14 December 2015, he appeared in person before the international Co-Investigating Judge and was charged with further alleged crimes. He was notified of additional charges when he appeared before the International Co-Investigating Judge in December 2015. On 10 January 2017, the International Co-Investigating Judge concluded the judicial investigation in Case 003. On 14 November 2017, the International and National Co-Prosecutors filed their Final Submissions in Case 003. 

Key allegations
  • Genocide;
  • Crimes against Humanity, namely murder; extermination; enslavement; imprisonment; torture; persecution; other inhumane acts (inhumane treatment, enforced disappearances, forced labour, forced marriage, rape and attacks on human dignity due to conditions of detention); 
  • Grave Breaches of the Geneva Conventions of 1949, namely wilful killing; wilfully causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health, torture and unlawful confinement of civilians.
  • Violations of the 1956 Cambodian Penal Code, namely premeditated homicide.

These crimes were allegedly variously committed 

  • at various security centres, among them the S-21 Security Centre (Tuol Sleng); 
  • additionally against members of Divisions 164, 502, 117, and 310; 
  • at Wat Enta Nhien Security Centre;
  • at Stung Hav worksite; 
  • by the Navy of Democratic Kampuchea in and around the islands claimed by Democratic Kampuchea; 
  • at the Ream area co-operative including worksites at Kang Keng and Bet Trang, the Durian Plantation Execution Site, and the Toek Sap Security Centre; and 
  • in Kampong Som.
Case No. Case 003
[Redacted] Order Dismissing the Case Against MEAS Muth D266
Annex E: CPs in Case 002 Who have Passed Away and Join Case 003 and 004 D269.5
Annex D: Letter from VSS to Co-Investigating Judges D269.4
Annex C: List of Civil Party Applications and Related Documents Considered as Complaints D269.3
Annex B: List of Civil Party Applications Inadmissible D269.2
Annex A: List of Civil Party Applications Admissible D269.1
Order on Admissibility of Civil Party Applications D269
[Redacted] Written Record of Initial Appearance of MEAS Muth មាស មុត D174
[Redacted] Meas Muth’s request to reclassify as public certain defence submissions to the pre-trial chamber D174
Decision on Ao An’s Urgent request for disclosure of documents relating to disagreements D262.2
Order to Place Decisions regarding Disagreements onto Case File 003 D262
Decision to Reduce the Scope of Judicial Investigation Pursuant to Internal Rule 66 bis D226
Notice of Provisional Discontinuance Regarding Individual Allegations D184/3
Annex IV: List of Alternate Spellings of Witness/Civil Party Applicant names D267.4
Annex III: Abbreviations/Acronyms D267.3
Annex II: Motions and Requests Filed with CIJs D267.2
Annex I: Completion Plan Chronology D267.1
Closing Order in the case 003 against Meas Muth by the International Co-Investigating Judge D267
[REDACTED] Notification of charges against MEAS Muth D128.1
Annex 1: E-mail from ICP to OCIJ's greffier D256/14.1
[Redacted] Annex 2: International Co-Prosecutor’s Response to MEAS Muth’s Request for Leave to Supplement His Response to the International Co-Prosecutor’s Final Submission D256/14.2
Decision on MEAS Muth's Request for Leave to Supplement his Response to the International Co-Prosecutor's Final Submission D256/14
[REDACTED] MEAS Muth’s Request for Leave to Supplement His Response to the International Co-Prosecutor’s Final Submission D256/12
[Redacted] Decision on Application for the Annulment of Torture-Derived Written Records of Interview D257/1/8
[REDACTED] Decision related to (1) appeal against decision on nine applications to seise the Pre-Trial Chamber with requests for annulment and (2) the two annulment requests referred by the International Co-Investigating Judege D165/2/26


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The following is a summary of the Trial Chamber’s Judgement in Case 002/02.


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