Meas Muth


KHE Muth, Muth
Date of Birth
Place of birth
Po Village, Srae Khnong Commune, Chhuk District, Kampot Province on 10 August 1938
Arrested date
Defence counsel
Mr. ANG Udom (Cambodia) and Mr. Michael KARNAVAS (USA)
Alleged Position in Democratic Kampuchea
  • Commander of Division 164 (Navy)
  • Reserve member of the General Staff Committee
  • Reserve member of the CPK Central Committee
Status of case

20 November 2008: The International Co-Prosecutor issued the Second Introductory Submission. Supplementary submissions were filed on 31 October 2014.

29 April 2011: The Co-Investigating Judges notified the parties of the conclusion of the judicial investigation.

18 October 2011: The Reserve International Co-Investigating Judge ordered the resumption of the investigation.

3 March 2015: The International Co-Investigating Judge charged Meas Muth with crimes against humanity, grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions and violations of the 1956 Penal Code. These charges were amended on 14 December 2015, and additional charges (including genocide) were laid against Meas Muth.

10 January 2017: The International Co-Investigating Judge reduced the scope of the judicial investigation pursuant to Internal Rule 66 bis. On the same day, the International Co-Investigating judge notified the parties of the conclusion of the judicial investigation.

28 November 2018: The Co-Investigating Judges issued separate closing orders. The National Co-Investigating Judge dismissed the charges against Yim Tith for lack of personal jurisdiction, while the International Co-Investigating Judge indicted Meas Muth for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and domestic crimes.

27-29 November 2019: The Pre-Trial Chamber held three days of hearings on appeals against the closing orders, and issued a public report of the case and appeals.

Key indictment allegations
  • Genocide of Vietnamese by killing
  • Crimes against humanity of murder, extermination, imprisonment, enslavement, torture, persecution on racial and political grounds, other inhumane acts (inhumane treatment, enforced disappearance, attacks against human dignity, forced labour, forced marriage, and rape)
  • Grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 of unlawful confinement of civilians, wilful killing, wilfully causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health, and torture
  • Violations of the 1956 Penal Code; namely, premeditated homicide

These crimes were allegedly variously committed in the following areas and sites:

  • S-21 Security Centre
  • Waters and islands claimed by Democratic Kampuchea
  • Kampong Som
  • Durian Plantation Killing Site
  • Kang Keng and Bet Trang (Ream Area) Worksites
  • Sung Hav Worksites
  • Toek Sap Security Centre
  • Wat Enta Nhien Security Centre
Cases Case 003