Defence Teams

There are currently two Accused Persons before the ECCC (both in the Case 002/01 appeal and the Case 002/02 trial), as well as four Charged Persons (one in case 003, two in case 004 and one in case 004/1). Each Accused or Charged Person is represented by a Cambodian and one or more Foreign Co-Lawyers. The Co-Lawyers are assisted by a team composed of one or more Legal Consultants, Evidence Analysts and a Case Manager.

Defence team for Mr. Nuon Chea (Cases 002/01 and 002/02)

Defence team for Mr. Khieu Samphan (Cases 002/01 and 002/02)

Defence team for Mr. Meas Muth (Case 003)

Defence team for Mr. Ao An (Case 004/02)

Defence team for Mr. Yim Tith (Case 004)

Defence team for Ms. Im Chaem (Case 004/1)